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 Meet The Guides

Master Guide
Stephen Philbrick

Master Maine Guide Stephen Philbrick has been in the game longer than the rest of us has been alive. Taken multiple trophy moose and deer he has given us decades of secret spots and tips that has taken time and experience to gather. Over seeing and helping with all the trips he is the Master!

Tyler Philbrick
IMG_1327 2.HEIC

Tyler is a Maine Hunting, Fishing & Recreational Guide

Also a Hunting guide in New Hampshire

General manager at Bald Mountain Camps Resort

Tyler is an avid outdoorsmen and in the off season likes to shed hunt and scout for the next season.

Noah Gilbert

Noah has been a fishing guide for 3 years and a hunting guide for 2 year. This year he was fortunate enough to guide two moose hunts and they were both successful! His favorite thing to guide would have to be moose hunting, he loves the action packed hunt and when moose calls are responsive. Noah decided to get his guides license when he was in high school after seeing his buddies hunting and being successful as well. Noah is currently a sophomore at the university of Maine at Fort Kent majoring in conservation law enforcement.

Fun Fact: On his first guided hunt, Noah & his client killed a moose in 45 minutes.

Danielle Ellis

Danielle has been a hunting, fishing and recreation guide for 3 years. She grew up in Maine and developed a love for the outdoors at a young age. Danielle was always found tagging along on bird hunts and fishing trips to camp with her Papa, and really developed a love for hunting when she met her husband. It has become more than a hobby but more like a way of life for their family. She decided to become a registered Maine guide after hearing data about the decrease in sales to youth and female hunters. It is her motivation as part of the BMC Guide Service team to get more youth and female hunters back in the woods. Dani says it's the best feeling in the world when you see the look on your clients face after harvesting the animal. 

Fun Fact: Danielle breeds English Labs & works for BMC Diving!

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