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Snowmobiling Trips


Here at BMC Guide Service we pride ourselves on giving our clients the most memorable experience we can. Our Guide staff is equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep you safe as well as provide you with a truly one of a kind trip. If you are a first time woods rider looking to perfect your skills and knowledge then we can provide you with an amazing day of off trail education that will have you feeling comfortable and confident by the end of the day. If you classify yourself as a moderate to experienced rider then we can push you to your limits. Our guides can get you access to some hideaway locations that will test your skills. We are fully equipped with radios and InReach GPS. Safety is our first concern in our high risk sport. All guides are certified in first aid & CPR. A backwoods lunch is cooked up by your guide when the crew needs a break and needs to fill their tank back up.

Group Rates 4 Person Group

1⁄2 Day $300

Full Day $500

Additional People after 4 are 1⁄2 Days $50: Full $100

Groups or single under 4

Per person - 1⁄2 Day $180 Full $250

When you Stay with us you receive 10% off Guiding rates. Trips Include ~ Guide ~ Off Trail Lunch ~ Safety Briefing ~ Peace of mind knowing you will make it out of the woods! Trip Does not include ~ Snowmobile ~Registrations ~Drinks ~Gas & Oil ~ Radio ~ GPS ~ Helmet ~ Clothing & or and gear. 

Pack List 

~Snowmobile- (155” or up is preferred) ~Gas & Oil ~Register ~Become a member of RLSC ~Extra Sox ~Extra Balaclava ~Helmet ~2 sets Goggles ~Riding Boots ~Snowmobile Gloves 2 sets ~Snow Gear Top & Bottoms ~ Small survival pack ~ Shovel ~ BCA Radio ~ Hand Saw ~ Rope ~ Spare Plugs & Belt ~ Tools to change Plug and belt.

*Gratuity not included

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